The History of the GODERICH

Commissioned at Toronto on November 23, 1941, Goderich arrived at Halifax on December 6. She spent her whole career based at Halifax. She was damaged on November 18, 1942, in a collision with the tanker Iocoma in Halifax Harbour which necessitated three weeks' repairs there. Goderich saw almost continuous service, undergoing only one major refit at Liverpool, N.S., from March 5 to May 15, 1943. On January 29, 1943, she rescued survivors from the after section of the U.S. tanker Brilliant, which had broken in half during a storm. She was paid off at Halifax on November 6, 1945, and in 1946 placed in strategic reserve at Sorel. In 1951 she was reacquired by the RCN and underwent modernization at Lauzon. Never recommissioned, however, she lay in reserve at Sydney until sold in February, 1959 for scrap.

GODERICH Statistical Data

  • Pendant: J260
  • Type: Minesweeper
  • Class: BANGOR Class (40-41 Regular Programme)
  • Displacement: 672 tonnes
  • Length: 180 ft
  • Width: 28.5 ft
  • Draught: 8.3 ft
  • Speed: 16 kts
  • Compliment: 6 Officers and 77 Crew
  • Arms: 1-4" Gun, 1-3" Gun, 2-20mm
  • Builder: Dufferin Shipbuilding Co. Toronto, Ont.
  • Keel Laid: 15-Jan-41
  • Date Launched: 14-May-41
  • Date Commissioned: 23-Nov-41
  • Paid off: 06-Nov-45


After 1949 renumbered as Pendant 198.

Keywords: HMCS GODERICH, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Minesweeper, BANGOR Class (40-41 Regular Programme) Class