Ships of the Canadian Navy

These pages list most of the ships that have served the Canadian Navy yesterday and today. To browse our database, please choose a letter from our index:

C. D. 1-100 Coastal Drifter   
CAILIFF Western Isles Class  A/S Trawler 
CALGARY (1st) Revised FLOWER (1940-41 Program)  Corvette 
CALGARY (2nd) Halifax  Canadian Patrol Frigate 
CAMROSE FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
CANSO BANGOR Class (Ex-RN)  Minesweeper 
CAP de la MADELEINE RIVER Class 42-43 Programme  Frigate 
CAPE BRETON (1st) RIVER Class 42-43 Programme  Frigate 
CAPE BRETON (2nd) Cape  Escort Maintenance Ship 
CAPE SCOTT Cape  Escort Maintenance Ship 
CAPILANO RIVER Class 43-44 Programme  Frigate 
CARAQUET BANGOR Class (Ex-RN)  Minesweeper 
CARIBOU Orca  (PCT) Training Vessel 
CARIBOU N/A  Armed Yacht 
CARLPLACE RIVER Class 43-44 Programme  Frigate 
CAYUGA TRIBAL 1940s  Destroyer 
CC1   Submarine 
CC2   Submarine 
CH 14 H-class  Submarine 
CH 15 H Class  Submarine 
CHALEUR (1st)   Patrol Vessel 
CHALEUR (3rd) Bay  Minesweeper 
CHALEUR (4th) Bay  Minesweeper 
CHAMBLY FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
CHAMPLAIN   Destroyer 
CHARLOTTETOWN (1st) Revised FLOWER (1940-41 Program)  Corvette 
CHARLOTTETOWN (2nd) RIVER Class 42-43 Programme  Frigate 
CHARLOTTETOWN (3rd) Halifax  Canadian Patrol Frigate 
CHAUDIERE (1st) RIVER Class British  Destroyer 
CHAUDIERE (2nd) Restigouche  Destroyer Escort 
CHEBOGUE RIVER Class 42-43 Programme  Frigate 
CHEDABUCTO BANGOR Class (39-40 Programme)  Minesweeper 
CHICOUTIMI (1st) FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
CHICOUTIMI (2nd) Victoria (Ex-Upholder)   Submarine 
CHIGNECTO (1st) BANGOR Class (39-40 Programme)  Minesweeper 
CHIGNECTO (2nd) Bay  Minesweeper 
CHIGNECTO (3rd) Bay  Minesweeper 
CHILLIWACK FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
CLAYOQUOT BANGOR Class (39-40 Programme)  Minesweeper 
COATICOOK RIVER Class 43-44 Programme  Frigate 
COBALT FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
COBOURG Revised FLOWER (1942-43 Program)  Corvette 
COLLINGWOOD FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
COLUMBIA (1st) TOWN  Destroyer 
COLUMBIA (2nd) Restigouche  Destroyer Escort 
COMOX (1st) Fundy Class  Minesweeper 
COMOX (2nd) Bay  Minesweeper 
COPPER CLIFF CASTLE Class (Ex RN)  Corvette 
COQUITLAM Llewellyn  Minesweeper 
CORDOVA   Minesweeper 
CORNER BROOK Victoria (Ex-Upholder)   Submarine 
COUGAR N/A  Armed Yacht 
COUGAR Orca  (PCT) Training Vessel 
COURTENAY BANGOR Class (40-41 Regular Programme)  Minesweeper 
COWICHAN (1st) BANGOR Class (39-40 Programme)  Minesweeper 
COWICHAN (2nd) Bay  Minesweeper 
COWICHAN (3rd) Bay  Minesweeper 
CRANBROOK Llewellyn  Minesweeper 
CRESCENT Destroyer 
CRUSADER Destroyer