Navy Life

The modern Navy uses "bunks" which the sailors commonly refer to as racks. But prior to the St. Laurent Class (built in the 50s-60s) it was common for a sailor to sleep in a hammock. The guidelines for the use of the hammock were actually farily strict and steeped in tradition.

Navy Nicknames
Often, a sailor's identity is a nickname. Many sailors are known only by their nickname, their real first name is often strange to many, and only appearing on official documents and records.

Sailor Tattoos
What does a tattoo mean. Though there are variations in meaning depending on time/region, here are a few of the most classic tattoos and what they’re believed to mean:

The Boatswain's Call
Unique to naval life, are the pipes that are made by the boatswain's call.
Piping is the Naval method of passing orders and every seaman should know how to use a "boatswain's call".