Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy

Jackspeak: Certain words or terminology that are commonly used in the Canadian Navy.

The Canadian Navy has it's own terminology and slang that is still evolving to this day. Much of the language used is still derived from the Royal Navy, although as Canadians many local customs and slang have come about.

This list was compiled over the years and was finally published in 2014 as "Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy (2015 edition)" In 2018, a completely revised 2nd edition will be released. The 2018 edition features expanded and revised definitions, many more example sentences, and over 400 new terms.

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"Z" Terms

Sleep, or snoring. "Let's go grab some Z's". Interestingly enough, in the RCN the term "Z's" is normally pronounced as "zees" and not "zeds".
Zed Shed
A classroom, or any area where a boring lecture might take place. Likely derived from the phonetic 'Zed' for 'Z' (snoring).
Zero Bubble
Used to mean that a submarine's bow is level.
Zero Dark Thirty
Zip Lip
A state of radio silence.
NATO codeword used to inform the formation that a missile attack is imminent or in progress.
A prolonged nap.
An airborne radar contact that is conforming to air traffic controller rules, or following a recognized traffic pattern, and is likely a commercial aircraft.
Air Force personnel.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy
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