Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy

Jackspeak: Certain words or terminology that are commonly used in the Canadian Navy.

The Canadian Navy has it's own terminology and slang that is still evolving to this day. Much of the language used is still derived from the Royal Navy, although as Canadians many local customs and slang have come about.

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"V" Terms

VAC - Veterans Affairs Canada.

Vampire - NATO codeword for a hostile anti-ship cruise missile.

Vanishing Angle - The maximum degree a ship may heel before it becomes unable to return to an upright position.

VCDS - Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff.

VDS - Variable depth sonar. A system where a transducer, or fish, is lowered into the water allowing the sonar transmitter to go below temperature layers which might block the sonar wave.

Veer - 1. To pay out a line, wire, or cable under power. 2. A change of wind direction in the clockwise direction.

VertRep - VERtical REPlenishment. Bringing stores or personnel aboard the ship by use of a helicopter.

Very Good - Acknowledgement by the Officer of the Watch when an action has been completed by the helmsman.

VHF - Very high frequency. Used for short-range ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore radio transmissions.

Vittler - The storesman who looks after issuing rations to the cooks and takes care of the ordering and storing of food onboard. From the word victual (which is actually pronounced vittle).

VMT - An acronym for "Very many thanks".

Voice pipe - A hollow tube used to convey spoken orders, usually between the conning tower and below-decks control spaces in a warship. Very low-tech communications method, but still used as a fail-safe in times when power has failed.

Voice-pipe sweeper - A very thin person.

Volun-told - A supposedly optional task in which a seaman is detailed off for.

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